DLG Publishing Partners prides itself not only for having ‘a passion for diverse content’ and striving to foster the growth of their authors, but also in the professional development, success, and educational opportunities of its team. We, here at DLG, are ecstatic to offer internship programs for qualified individuals who are serious about learning the Publishing Industry, as well as becoming a part of our family.

*Note: internships are virtually located and unpaid.

How does it work? DLG Internship Programs work in a two-part segment:

  • 1st Segment: interns engage in a trial period (30-days) and are subject to a mentor driven review process at the end of the designated term. Following a positive metric review, the internship may roll into one of two categories: four (4) to six (6) month terms with weekly progress reports and midterm reviews.
  • 2nd Segment: at the completion of the four (4) to six (6) month term, the internship is subject to completion with company recommendation; however, DLG may consider extending an internship period, offer a cross-training internship, or promoting the individual, depending on his or her readiness and acquired skillset within the training process, as well as the designated mentors’ ability to take on an Apprentice.

Intern Duties

DLG will post occasional notices when considering new interns, especially for select project, but applicants may apply for listed intern programs at any time by sending a cover letter, resume, and a ‘statement of interest’.

Please include the internship type you’re applying for in the email subject line and in the reference field, as well as your qualifications, goals, relevant experience(s), expectations, and proven skillset(s) that make you a suitable candidate.

In the ‘statement of interest’, please list your all-time favorite books (5-10), the titles you most recently read (3-5), what’s on your reading wish list (2-5), and what categories/genres/ages you specialize in, as well as all related social media links. Send the cover letter with your resume links to: submissions@DLGPublishingPartners.com.

Literary Intern


  • Team meeting participation (weekly/monthly)
  • Writer discussion groups and educational workshops
  • Intern discussion groups and educational workshops
  • Creation, implementation of & updating shared documents
  • Website changes and updates as required
  • Project Management tasks for designated projects
  • Social Media involvement, including author interviews
  • Tracking/Responding to author queries
  • Reading and evaluating submitted manuscripts
  • Other literary duties as assigned

PR/Marketing Intern


  • Team meeting participation (weekly/monthly)
  • PR/Marketing Intern discussion groups and educational workshops
  • Intern discussion groups and educational workshops
  • Creation, implementation of & updating shared document graphics
    • Social media
    • Workshops
    • Book promotions
    • Book cover creation aid
  •  Working with PR/Marketing Managers and staff to market workshops to attendees
  • Communicating with bloggers, vloggers, and other reviewers for book promotions
  • Project Management maintenance task(s) for DLG social media groups:
    • ARC Readers
    • Beta-Readers
    • Reader/Reviewers
    • Book Cover Reveals
  • Aid staff in the creation and implementation of but not limited to:
    • Book Promotions & Events
    • Virtual Author Takeovers
    • Google Form Signup document creation for data collection
  • Collect, organize, and publish content for newsletters, website, and blog posts
  • Aid DLG IT Specialist(s) with informative, engaging, and audience-based web content
  • Aid DLG Staff with all Social Media involvement initiatives
  • Other duties as assigned

Web Intern


  • Aid DLG Administration with the company website
  • Aid in Content Writing and Editing of the company website, including the blog
  • Supply graphic design help on designated projects
  • Other duties as assigned

DLG Publishing Partners looks forward to hearing from you.