Interested in writing for DLG Publishing Partners? Discover which of our categories suits your story best.

At DLG Publishing Partners, we value the written word of the authors signed and are committed to working with individuals who are passionate about the content, brand, and vision of the work they create. DLG recognizes love is universal and comes in many different shapes, forms, and sizes, which is why we’re interested in well-crafted stories, fresh characters, original worlds, and diverse experiences with a realistic or otherworldly feel. Currently, we are seeking stories with fresh, exciting voices in all categories for eBooks and print. If you have something new, exciting, unique, and diverse, we want to hear from you. We accept both agented and unagented submissions that haven’t been previously published; however, in some cases, we will accept some previously published standalones and series on a case-by-case basis.

It is not necessary that all titles submitted to DLG Publishing Partners have a central romance plot, a happily-ever-after, or a happy-for-now ending. Instead, we ask that your story provide a fresh out-of-the-box look into the everyday world or otherworldly realm of well-developed characters who face thought-provoking obstacles with heart-racing stakes. We ask that all titles fall within the categorized lengths listed below:

  • Short Story: 5k – 12k words
  • Novella: 12k+ – 40k words
  • Poetry: 70-100+ poems
  • Short Novel: 40k+ – 60k words
  • Long Novel: 60k+ – 100k words

DLG accepts the following heat levels:

  • 1 – sweet (sexual tension only, no sexually explicit content beyond kissing)
  • 2 – moderate (mild to moderate sexual content that’s suggestive but closes the door on the act)
  • 3 – sensual (sexual content with the door open)
  • 4 – erotic (graphic sexual content showing sexual acts)

As always, we are extremely interested in stories with series potential.

  • Bad Boy/Girl meets Girl/Boy next door
  • Billionaire Boys/Girls Club
  • Crime/Detective Paranormal
  • Crime/Detective Themes
  • Western Paranormal
  • Western Themes
  • Paranormal Romance (Shifters of all kinds)
  • Second Chances
  • Wiccan-based themes meet real world issues

DLG seeks to work with authors who have or are willing to develop a strong online presence, committed to promotional marketing of their work, and actively seek to build their brand. We accept the following genres and/or categories.

  • Action/Adventure
  • Chick Lit
  • Contemporary
  • Erotica
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • LGBT
  • New Adult
  • Novellas
  • Paranormal
  • Poetry
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Shapeshifters
  • Thrillers, Mystery & Suspense
  • Young Adult

If you don’t see your genre/category listed, send us a query outlining the niche of your body of work to


Please use the DLG Publishing Partners Submittable site for all submissions. Below, you’ll find a list of items you’ll need:

  • A short bio with relevant work experience, a tagline (short hook), story blurb, and contact information.
  • Links to any author website or social media platform, including newsletter sign-up.
  • Only send the first 3 chapters (or 30 pages) of manuscript as a word document (rtf, doc, docx). DON’T send the full manuscript unless asked.
  • A 2 – 4-page synopsis of the story. If you’re not sure what to write in a synopsis, provide the main points of each chapter in one or two sentences, or you may fill out a Snyder Beat Sheet, pinpointing the 16-major beats of your story.
  • If sending an email query about a genre or category, title the subject line of the email as followed: SUBMISSION_TITLE_Author Name_Genre
  • Email all questions to:

Please Note: Due to a large volume of submissions, DLG will only accept one submission per author. However, authors are welcome to submit a new manuscript 30-days after receiving a decision letter. If you make major changes to a previously submitted manuscript, feel free to resubmit after six months and detail the changes in the query.

When submitting stories with series potential, please provide a brief paragraph explaining how the stories will be connected and number of books proposed in the series.

If you do not receive an email confirmation confirming we’ve received your submission, please resubmit. DLG strives to respond to every manuscript sent in within 90-days, so don’t hesitate to send a follow-up email if you haven’t heard from us on day 91 or beyond.